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ArtFox Vista 10R

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ArtFox Vista 10R
ArtFox Vista 10RArtFox Vista 10R

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Name:     ArtFox Vista 10R
Style:      Beam Spot Wash 3-in-1, 3D effect
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ArtFox Vista 10R is a super powerful light, use Osram HRI 280w 10R lamp, Beam Spot Wash 3-in-1, linear Beam Angle 2.5-20°. It features 8 facet Circular Prism + 6 facet Linear Prism, 13 colors+open, 9 Rotating Gobos + Open, 14 Fixed Gobos + Open, Linear Frost, Linear Dimming, Linear Zoom from 2.5-20°, 0-13 times strobe per seconds. 8 bit or 16 bit Tilt & pan, Extreme quiet light. Every factor is awesome. and you can show 3D effect of the gobos. Very high-end and powerful light.

. ultra bright Osram HRI 280W lamp, lift time 2,000h
. Pan: 540°, Tilt: 270°. 8 bit or 16 bit control
. Beam Angle: linear 2.5-20°
. Color Wheel: 13 colors + Open
. Fixed Gobo Wheel: 14 Fixed Gobos + Open
. Rotating Gobo Wheel: 9 Rotating Gobos + Open
. Prism: Prims 1): 8 facet Circular Prism Prism 2): 6 facet Linear Prism
. Frost: 0-100% fast linear Frost
. Zoom: 2.5-20° linear Zoom
. Focus: Linear Focus
. Dimming: 0-100% Linear dimming
. Strobe: 0-13 times per second
. Control Mode: 3 DMX MODE, 16/24/30 mode. Master/Slave, Built-in Program, sound-Actived mode.
. Voltage: AC90-240v,50/60hz(Auto-ranging)
. Power consumption: 400w
. Power Connector: PowerCon in & out
. DMX Connector: 3-pin and 5-pin DMX in & out
. Dimmension: 12.9 x 7.96 x 23.1 inches (327.7 x 202.1 x 585.5mm)
. Weight: 34.4 lbs (15.6kg)

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