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Tour Pro Carbon Fiber 500x1000/500x500mm

Tour Pro Carbon Fiber 500x1000/500x500mm

Tour Pro Carbon Fiber 500x1000/500x500mm

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    Carbon Fiber matieral

    Light weight

    Anti-wind design

    Designed Dolly

    Easy and fast to install and uninstall

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Made by Carbon Fiber Material
Very great for big event, light weight, anti wind design. the back truss can connect together with the panel easily

500 x 1000 x 76mm (19.7"x39.4"x3"). weigh only 9ka/20lbs
500 x 500 x 76mm (19.7"x19.7"x3"). weigh only 6kg/13.2lbs

The slim desian, along with excellent frame and dollyoptions,can help you save on shipping and labor costs.

Pixel picture
 Pixel PitchPixelsLED TypeScan WayBrightness
IndoorP1.953256x512SMD15151/16 or 1/32≥1200 Nit
P2.604192x384SMD15151/32≥1300 Nit
P2.976168x336SMD21211/28≥1300 Nit
P3.91128x256SMD21211/16≥1400 Nit
OutdoorP2.604192x384SMD14151/32≥4500 Nit
P2.976168x336SMD14151/21≥4500 Nit
P3.91128x256SMD19211/16≥4500 Nit

>=3,840Hz or 7680hz Refresh rate/60h Frame Rate
Auto free voltage 100v-240v Power Supply
16 bit/18 bit+ Gray Level
Neutrick PowerCon in/out
Ethercon in/out

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