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  Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Artfox?

1. Excellent Quality
2. Manufacture ( Means Best price)
3. USA inventory
4. USA Service

What is your warranty and return policy?

1. One year free parts, 1 year warranty
2. All time free service.


1. What is the warranty on my unit?

For most of ARTFOX Products, we provide you 1 year warranty since the date you purchased, for further details, please kindly check our warranty policy

2. What is the process of ordering parts from ARTFOX?

Tell us what part you need, we will give you the part’s cost plus shipping. Then we request your credit card information, charge your credit card, place the order, and ship out the part to you.

3.Should you pay for the parts during the warranty?

During warranty, you don’t need pay parts except lamp; When it is out of warranty, the customer need pay parts, shipping and labor

4. Where do I send my unit for service/ repairs?

Remember to first obtain a return authorization number from ARTFOX Lighting. After you call and get the RA#, we will receive your e-mail address and send the RA# and shipping instructions to you.The return address should be with RA#, your return address.

5. For repair , if I don’t have the original box can I still send it in?

Yes, double box all returns and be sure they are secure before shipping. Pack the unit and surround it with suitable packing materials such as Styrofoam peanuts or foam. Never ship anything packed in shredded paper, newspaper or other easily compressed materials.

6. How can I become an Authorized Dealer?

Please contact us or fill out the dealer application form available on our Website.

7. Can I purchase units directly from ARTFOX?

In some area,we sale directly if there is not authorized dealer. ARTFOX Committed to establish widely available through a global network of authorized dealers and distributors, please kindly contact with us for further information

8. How much does ARTFOX charge if my unit is not under warranty?

It all depends on the unit and the issues that the unit has. The price would vary based on the cost of parts and the labor needed to repair the unit.

9. What is the turn-around time for repairs?

Our turn-around time averages 15-20 business days. For more information, please contact with us

10. I received my unit broken, what do I do?

Please follow all instructions detailed in the warranty card. Call the Customer Service department. Please make sure that the RA# is on the shipping label only. Send the unit to us. We will repair it and send it back to you.

11. I received my unit DOA; can you send me a new one right away?

If your unit is dead, please call us and we will do our best to make sure the issue with your light is resolved.

12. Privacy Policy

please check detail