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Power Distributor

Power Distributor

Power Distributor

400A input, 110v/208v output, customized make

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Power Distro (customized your power distributor)


Cam In / Out 400A Mains Breaker
(8) outlets 19pin socapex 208v,
(6) Duplex Edison 20A 110v ,
(4) L21-30,30A,208V,3 phase


Hubbell single pole cam-style 400A rated 3 phase power input, Reversed Ground and Neutral
Pass-through: Hubbell single pole cam-style 400A rated 3 phase power output, Reversed Ground and Neutral
Snap-back covers on all pass-thru connectors
Cam style both 400A and 200A are optional.
(8) outlets 19pin Socapex 208v, (6) Duplex Edison 20A 110v ,(4) L21-30,30A,208V,3 phase
Both 110v or 208v are customized, different outputs are available.
Socapex 19-pin Extension Cables (male to female)(30 ft,50 feet,100ft)
Female Socapex 19-pin with 6 output 20A Edison ( 3 feet)
All kind of cables are available too

Circuit Breakers
Main Breaker:
(1) Square D 3 phase main breaker, three pole 400A with neon power indicator lights
Branch Breakers:
(48) Square D branch breakers - Two pole 20A
Power Requirements
Input voltage / frequency: 208V three phase 60Hz
Power consumption: Idle - <100mA (neon indicator lights)

Rack Spaces: 21RU
Dimensions: 46.46"H (on casters) x 27"D x 22"W (60 x 68.68 x 118 cm)
Weight: 275 lbs. (125 kg)
Construction / Finish:
ATA-style rack case with removable front and rear doors
Black ABS exterior
Aluminum clad interior
Rolls on 4" casters

IP Rating: IP20 - Indoor Use Only
Operation Temperature Range: -20°F - 120°F (-28.8C - 48.8 C)


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