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Show Tower System

Show Tower System

Show Tower System

Ground Support Tower System package, include hosit

Pick up in USA= $3000 $2000

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(ARTFOX Truss is compatible to connect along with many other F34 series major brands that utilize the same conical connection)

Show Tower System is Full Package of 4 tower base, with a 4-way Square Truss junction box Sleeve Block, F34 square truss 1m, 4 hinges,
Show Tower System including:

Tower Base with extending legs
F34 SQUARE TRUSS 3.28 feet ( 1m, 2m,3m are available)
4pcs Outrigger Brace Tubes with clamps
Sleeve Block 4-Way Junction box
Truss Top
4 Hinges

This system can support up to 8,000lbs per tower to heights of up to 30ft,These systems are normally used with a minimum of four towers (like a table) to support a truss frame or roof system. Sometimes, using 2 towers to hang an big LED display and sounds system.


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