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FixIn Series

FixIn Series

FixIn Series

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Pixel Pitch: P2.5, P3, P4, P5, P6 indoor

Pixel Pitch Module Pixels Module Size LED Type Scan Way Brightness
P2.5 64x64 160x160mm SMD2121 1/16 ≥1200 Nit
P3 64x64 192x192mm SMD2121 1/16 ≥1600 Nit
P4 64x32 256x128mm SMD2121 1/16 ≥1200 Nit
P5 64x32 320x160mm SMD3528 1/16 ≥1200 Nit
P6 32x32 192x192mm SMD3528 1/8 ≥1800 Nit

≥1,920Hz Refresh rate/60h Frame Rate
Auto free voltage 100v-240v Power Supply
16 bit Gray Level

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