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Wireless DMX Box

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Wireless DMX Box
Wireless DMX Box

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Name:     Wireless DMX Box
Style:      2.4G
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Wireless DMX over 2.4G frequency band with auto-ranging channel selection and interference free reliable operation. You need at least two of these boxes - one transmits and one (or more) receives - sync as many receivers to each transmitter as you want, and operate up to 16 groups of systems within a venue.

1. Product model: 2.4G DMX512 wireless receiver/transmitter
2. 2x8 bit LCD displays current state and operating parameters
3. 4 level user-selectable transmitter output power
4. 126 channels with automatic hopping to interference-free channels
5. 16 group user configurable ID coding
6. Input voltage 9-12VDC 300mA min
7. Communication distance 400m (line of sight)
8. Operating frequency: 2.4G ISM, 126 channels
9. Max transmission power: 20dBm
10. Receiver sensitivity -94dBm
11. DMX single terminal 3PIN male-female socket
12. Dimensions 75x147x43 mm
13. Net weight 360g

Detailed Description:

Transmit or Receive DMX up to 400 metres

Transmit and receive standard DMX512 protocol within the 2.4G band, completely eliminating connecting cables. This device solves cabling issues between your lighting console and fixtures and even links wirelessly between lighting fixtures making it a breeze to get DMX to areas where cabling is difficult or impossible.

State of the art transmission system ensures there is no time delay in transmission of the DMX signal data - control is real time and highly reliable.

This product transmits wirelessly within the international license free 2.4G ISM frequency band. The efficient GFSK modulation system and communication protocol features reliable 126 channel auto-ranging and automatically selects clear channels to avoid interference.

Applications: Rental, Stage, Disco, Nightclubs, Large venues, Gymnasium and Auditorium lighting, TV stations, Conference centers, Professional theatre, Theme parks, Bar lighting etc.

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