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Cold Spark Machine, 17-23ft height maxium, remote control, dmx control

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2 piece = $1400  $949

2 piece in flight case= $1600  $1099
4 piece in flight case = $3200  $1999
10 bags SparkX powder(200g each bag) = $367

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SparkX is awesome flame machine, spark machine, it is very good design. very suitable for DJ, wedding, events. etc.

17ft Flame height maximum (indoor)/ 23ft Flame height Maximum (outdoor)
Burn at 140°F = 60 °C, no heat
Remote control
DMX control

Work modes:

Technical Parameters:
Power consumption: 650W
DMX: 2ch
Remote control
One bag of Powder use 200g: about 15 minites spark
PowerCon in/out

Flame Height:
indoor powder 3f-17ft,
outdoor 3ft-23ft
DMX control height: linear 3f-17ft indoor, 3-23ft outdoor
Remote control height:
  Level 1: 3-5ft
  Level 2: 5-8ft
  Level 3: 10-17ft

Size and Weight:
Net Weight: 11 lbs (4.8kg)
Gross Weight: 15 lbs (7kg)
Machine size: (8"x 8.3"x10") 205x210x250mm

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