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Stage Lighting Blogs show the latest news for stage lighting area. and show the features of par lights, moving head lights, LED fixtures products, DMX products and so on. You can check the latest stage lighting pictures and vedios here.

ArtFox LDI introduce (2013-12-16)

ArtFox have a great success on the LDI, customers like the products very much. ArtFox lights is unique design, bright, fast move, excellent colling. please check the video here
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  ArtFox LDI introduce
ArtFox Beam 15R Extreme - Both for spot and Beam (2013-11-13)

ArtFox Beam 15R Extreme sell very fastly right now, it is powerful. Both for Beam and Spot.
1. use 15R lamp, which is brither than traditional 1200w lamp.
2. Bright and sharp Beam.
3. Spot effect is awesome, instant switch from Spot to Beam and back
4. moving faster than Beam 5R, use 3 phased motor.
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  ArtFox Beam 15R Extreme - Both for spot and Beam
ArtFox Beam 15R & Spot 15R (2013-8-22)

ArtFox have developed 2 power 15R products
1. ArtFox Beam 15R: can use for Beam and Spot, Beam angel 0-8 degree, therefore beam effect is very great. and Fast Iris + zoom make sure spot effect is very good
2. ArtFox Spot 15R: can use for Spot, Beam, wash 3-in-1. it have CMY, very big size spot, Iris, big zoom. so its spot effect and Wash effect is very great.

Both of them are use 3-phase motor, so that it is very fast move. Especially for ArtFox Beam 15R, it is faster than Clay paky Sharpy 200w.
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  ArtFox Beam 15R & Spot 15R
Elation 15R Spot Vs ArtFox 15R Spot (2013-7-25)

As you know, Elation 15R is very powerful, almost have all the Function of moving head:
CMY,Gobos,fast move,Fast Iris, big size zoom and so on

and ArtFox 15R spot/beam/wash 3-in-1 is the same powerful, ArtFox 15R is an unique model which developed for a long time, which is the 2nd version right now, it use 3-phase motor so that it can move as fast as Beam 5R and no noise
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  Elation 15R Spot Vs ArtFox 15R Spot
15R Spot, 15R Beam, 15R wash 3-in-1 (2013-7-12)

ArtFox 15R spot/wash/beam 3-in-1 features:
1. Spot: the gobo is the same as Martin, It is replaceable, so you are able to use Martin gobo to 15R fixtures.
2. Beam: The zoom is from 8-60 degree, any degress you wanna, and amazing fast Iris,fast than Clay Paky.
3. Wash: CMY + color wheel + frost
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  15R Spot, 15R Beam, 15R wash 3-in-1
Par light indoor 18x10w Quad (2013-7-11)

Par light 18x10w Quad is a classic product. For par lights, two part is very important:
1. the LED source, we use Edsion LED so that it can be very bright, and color is pure, color mixxing is perfect
2. The Power supply. par light power is very important because it affect the light lifetime, our power use redundancy Power supply so that it can work perfect at difficult electronic condition. and furthermore, it make the lights lifetime much longer.
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  Par light indoor 18x10w Quad