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      ArtFox have developed 2 power 15R products
      1. ArtFox Beam 15R: can use for Beam and Spot, Beam angel 0-8 degree, therefore beam effect is very great. and Fast Iris + zoom make sure spot effect is very good
      2. ArtFox Spot 15R: can use for Spot, Beam, wash 3-in-1. it have CMY, very big size spot, Iris, big zoom. so its spot effect and Wash effect is very great.

      Both of them are use 3-phase motor, so that it is very fast move. Especially for ArtFox Beam 15R, it is faster than Clay paky Sharpy 200w.

      ArtFox Beam 15R

      330W Osram 15R Beam Extreme Optics and speed output (YODN 7R,230W for optional)
      • 3 phase motors improved movement speed, 8/16 bit. - PAN = 2.14 sec
      - TILT = 1.13 sec (Original Sharpy: Pan= 2.45 sec, Tilt=1.3 sec)
      • 5 Facet Rotating Prism + Iris + Focus + Zoom + Variable speed Shutter / Strobe
      •280k lux @ 10m
      • Beam Angle: from 0-8 degree
      • 8 Rotating Indexing Gobos

      ArtFox Spot 15R

      1. Spot: the gobo is the same as Martin, It is replaceable, so you are able to use Martin gobo to 15R fixtures.
      2. Beam: The zoom is from 8-60 degree, any degress you wanna, and amazing fast Iris,fast than Clay Paky.
      3. Wash: CMY + color wheel + frost
      4.Unique-design design, light weight is only 21kg, easy to install and transport
      5. Super brightness, 10-20% more brightness than traditional HMI 1200w,
      6. Excellent 3-phase motor movement,8/16 bit movement

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      related product: ArtFox Beam 15R Extreme

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