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Sky Beam 7R

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Sky Beam 7R
Sky Beam 7RSky Beam 7RSky Beam 7RSky Beam 7RSky Beam 7RSky Beam 7R

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Name:     Sky Beam 7R
Style:      Two Prisms, 3D effect, Touch screen
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Sky Beam 7R Video 1

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Sky Beam 7R Video 2

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Sky Beam 7R produces a super-concentrated parallel beam of light, which has highly superior and innovative features. It is easy to maintain and install. It is the ideal "beam moving light" for professional live setups, especially long throw applications. It can penetrate the brightness of back stage wash lights or LED systems with extraordinary air craft landing light effects.

Philips 5R/7R lamp
Two Prisms(16+6/16+8/8+6)
Linear Frost
Linear Dimming
17 fixed gobos + Open
14 colors + Open
Touch color screen
PowerCon in/out


Lamp: Philips MSD R7 230W/R5 200W (8000K, 2000 hours)
power: AC 100-240v,50/60HZ
Electronic Focus: 20m 50000LUX
Special Advantage: Small and Light Body. Fast Rotating. Quiet Operation. Multi-Wonderful Effect.
Technical parameter:
Power: 115-230 50/60 Hz 230V/50Hz 350VA
Optical Device: 3 lens type high Quadity lens group
Zoom: 0-3.8 degree
Focus: Electric 20 meters light output. 59760lx(5552fx)
Color: 14 colors + White replaceable color wheel
Gobo: 17 fixed gobo + white high speed swing effect.
Prims: 16-facet circular+6-facet linear/16-facet circular+8-facet circular/8-facet circular+6-facet linear Prims
Linear light filter
A mechamical shutter speed stroboscopic effect
A mechanical dimmer
Strobe:Double lens strobe (0.5-9 times/ second)
Control mode:Standard DMX512, Automatic, Master/ slave mode
Controller can open the lamp and reset, including delaying function

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