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Artfox LED screen always high quality level, here show P6 outdoor effects

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stage lighting and dj lighting feature products

  • Brand LEDs,High refresh rate, >=1.6mm thickness pcb
  • Back/Front maintaince, easy to install and uninstall
  • 16 bit Grey scale, light weight cabients
  • 100v-240v auto PFC power supply
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  • features
  • 330w 17R 350w bright lamp, extreme bright, Beam Spot Wash 3-in-1, 3D effects
  • Zoom: 0-33 degree
  • 16+6 Two Prisms, 3D effects
  • Two Gobos Wheel, 14 Colors
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  • features
  • 19x30W RGBW LEDs, super bright
  • Beam Wash 2-in-1, linear Beam Angle 5-60 degree
  • Beam is bright and sharp,
  • excellent color mixxing brings excellent wash effects
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  • features
  • 9x15W RGBWA-UV 6-in-1
  • 9 hours Li-battery, 7 wireless channels. Remote Control
  • 16 bit linear dimming curve, excellent color mixxing
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  • features
  • 8x10w RGBW Quad LED, each LED can be controlled individually
  • 2.5 degree Beam Angle, very easy to control
  • Two infinity Tilt.
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