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  • ArtFox Pointy 10R

    equip Osram HRI 10R lamp, beam spot wash 3-in-1, 3D effect, very good effect

  • Ostar Eye K18

    Beam and Kaleido effects. 4 degree sharp beam. 18x15w RGBW Ostar LEDs

  • ArtFox Beam 7R

    use YODN R7 230w lamp, 18chs, unique design. featured Prism zoom

  • ArtFox Beam 15R Extreme

    Beam Spot Wash 3-in-1, super bright YODN R15 330w lamp. Beam is sharp, spot is big angle, frost is linear


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Ostar Eye K18

Beam and Kaleido Effects. Featured 18x15w Ostar RGBW LEDs, super bright, 4° sharp beam effects, 4°-60° FX effects(Kaleido effects),super fast and quiet movement.

stage lighting and dj lighting feature products

  • Beam Angle: linear 2.5-20 degree
  • 280W R10 HRI Osram
  • 8 facet Circular Prism + 6 facet Linear Prism, 13 colors+open, 9 Rotating Gobos + Open, 14 Fixed Gobos + Open, Linear Frost, Linear Dimming, Linear Zoom from 2.5-20°
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  • features
  • 330w 15R bright lamp, extreme bright, both beam and spot effect is awesome
  • Beam spot 2-in-1, 0-8 degree Beam, 8 facet Prism, 7 rotation Gobos, Two Zoom, big angel spot.
  • 4 times brighter than Beam sharpy 200w.
  • Fast and smooth movement
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  • features
  • Ostar 18x15w RGBW Quad Osram LEDs, 6 sections.
  • 4 degree sharp beam
  • fast front rotating lens
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  • features
  • 16x10w RGBW 4-in-1 LEDs, 4 independent sections
  • 16 bit dimming curve, excellent color mixxing
  • IP65, excellent matieral, very strong cables
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  • features
  • 8x10w RGBW Quad LED, each LED can be controlled individually
  • 2.5 degree Beam Angle, very easy to control
  • Two infinity Tilt.
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